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October 13th 2023



  • You can now Drag & Drop when editing category hierarchies

  • We've improved and simplified our sidebar navigation

  • We've added Boost & Bury preview of products

  • You can now Bulk Edit and bulk Drag & Drop

  • Shift+select bulk selecting has been added

  • We've improved our visual category tree, collections with search and sorting

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September 27th 2023



  • Added ability to Boost & Bury ‘On-sale’ products 

  • Improved Search to allow compound words

  • Added ability to have ‘Newest in’ as a Sorting option

  • Added ability to configure Optional Filter attributes during onboarding

  • Improved ability to see how many products are contained in each Size Filter, with a cleaner layout

  • Added Filter Counts for search, PLP, and in the “Add products” modal in Portal 

  • Added Tracking Status page to show the latest events for debugging

  • Add multiple products easily as the add Product Modal stays open after adding

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September 26th 2023



🍿 See our latest releases in action!

  • Added Search Reports to your Dashboard (Most Popular Searches + Without Results)

  • Improved ability to Boost & Bury ‘New-in’, Best-selling’, ‘Few sizes’

  • Replaced the ability to edit Content Search settings to the Portal

  • Improved Pairing to be able to unlock product pairs together

  • Improved Centra ingestion to ~15 mins each time

  • Improved Centra management, allowing merchants to edit markets and stores to import

  • Improved Centra ingestion by adding (add/remove) configurability for markets and stores to import in our Portal

  • Added List view for Categories in our Portal

  • Fixed and added more fallback colors to Color Filters when going live

  • Improved tree-shakeability of our SDK for smaller builds, improving load times significantly

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September 25th 2023


🎬 Watch what's new!

  • Improved Status Tags with ‘New in’ (recently ingested products in last 30 days)

  • Improved Collection page view to show 2-6 columns

  • Improved interaction when adding new products directly to the top of a Collection

  • Improved Default Sorting by Relevance for products in category products

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September 22nd 2023



  • Added Boost & Bury functionality: Say goodbye to overstock and easily control your PLP sorting

  • Added Status Tags (Low Stock, No Stock, On Sale, Boosted, and Buried): Stay updated on your stock levels in real-time

  • Added Category Tree view: now easily navigate through your categories in our Portal

  • Added ability to create a GPT-style collection based on a prompt

  • Improved the Catalog sync by adding a queue when one is already in progress

  • Added color swatches to Filters to make it visual when adding products to a collection

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May 31st 2023

Visual Pair with AI

  • Create similar and complementary pairs of products in 1 click

  • Reduce time to visually match and merchandise products in PLP

  • Able to see pairs in both a grid and list view

  • Able to drag & drop pairs on top of single products

  • Able to undo pairs

  • Add as many products to a collection as you need and pair them

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May 17th 2023



  • Easier to create collections from scratch

  • Able to add products from the entire catalog

  • Able to filter products to be added based on color and previous categories (migrated)

  • Able to search for products to be added

  • Able to have an overview of # of collections and # of products in a collection

  • Able to view products in a grid or list view

  • Able to drag and drop in both a grid or list view

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May 17th 2023


Catalog Viewer:

  • Able to have an overview of what products are pulled by Depict

  • Understand when the last time products were pulled/updated

  • Understand key details of each product (description, categories, color, size, price, inventory)

  • Understand which products have errors

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May 2nd 2023


  • Catalog sync: syncs automatically happen every 30 mins. we have also now introduced the ability to trigger a sync in the event that you need a more urgent time-sensitive push (e.g for a campaign)

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